Truth Agency

H!!! I am from Germany and I have 43 years


Sometimes for us to find true love is impossible, but always we remain hopeful, frustrated with the women of my country.


but I never lose hope, so I made the decision to try different  marriage agencies such as:


1- online-dating-ukraine

2- AFA

3- Avolgagirl






I was scammed many times, women sometimes blocking their profiles from


I currently take 4 years to be with the marriage agency, and right now I'm with UADREAMS


I have to say that the profiles of the women are REAL,and there are some women with serious intentions, BUT many women do not seek anything serious and just fun, in fact there are some who are teachers of English and other employees of the same agency. some have an open relationship and others have boyfriend.


for that reason I open this page 2 years ago, when I started to watch some strange things this agency.


the purpose of this page is to put profiles of women who have a boyfriend or an open relationship, in addition to women who are not seeking a serious relationship.


NOTE: The first letters that ,you receive  of the women are a copy, all they do is change the name of the person.


in the women's section you can find the real information of women who are employed of the agency or with their current boyfriends or their real profiles ( SEE IN THE LADIES SECTION)


any doubt, please send an email to: